C&G Custom

As world recognized experts in the field of C&G we can supply a number of custom products.

Certificate of Analysis

Below is a list of Certificates of Analysis. Once you have found the Certificate of Analysis you are after, click the PDF icon and a copy of the certificate will be displayed in PDF format ready for printing. If your Certificate of Analysis is not in the list supplied below please contact BioPoint.

Product Name Lot Number PDF
Custom C&G B882-566 Bulk-Stocks_B882-566
Custom C&G B882-567 Bulk-StocksV_B882-567
Custom C&G B879-568 Bulk-Stocks_B879-568
Custom C&G B894-570 Bulk-Stocks_B894-570
Custom C&G B893-571 Bulk-Stocks_B893-571
Custom C&G B891-572 Bulk-StocksV_B891-572
Custom C&G B891-573 Bulk-StocksV_B891-573
Custom C&G B899-575 Bulk-Stocks_B899-575
Custom C&G B895-576 Bulk-StocksV_B895-576
Custom C&G B895-577 Bulk-StocksV_B895-577
Custom C&G B898-578 Bulk-Stocks_B898-578
Custom C&G B898-579 Bulk-Stocks_B898-579
Custom C&G B902-580 Bulk-Stocks_B902-580
Custom C&G B901-581 Bulk-StocksV_B901-581
Custom C&G B897-582 Bulk-Stocks_B897-582
Custom C&G B902-583 Bulk-StocksV_B902-583
Custom C&G B910-584 Bulk-Stocks_B910-584
Custom C&G B910-585 Bulk-StocksV_B910-585
Custom C&G B906-586 Bulk-StocksV_B906-586
Custom C&G B908-587 Bulk-Stocks_B908-587
Custom C&G B910-588 Bulk-StocksV_B910-588
Custom C&G B911-589 Bulk-Stocks_B911-589
Custom C&G B911-590 Bulk-StocksV_B911-590
Custom C&G B921-592 Bulk-Stocks_B921-592
Custom C&G B921-593 Bulk-StocksV_B921-593
Custom C&G B920-594 Bulk-Stocks_B920-594