Cryptosporidium and Giardia quality control system

Certificate of Analysis

Below is a list of Certificate of Analysis.

Once you have found the Certificate of Analysis you are after, click the PDF icon and a copy of the certificate will be displayed in PDF format ready for printing.

If your Certificate of Analysis is not in the list supplied below please contact BioPoint.

Certificate of Analysis Explained

Product Name Lot Number PDF
EasySeed B685 EasySeedCG_B685
EasySeed B686 EasySeedC_B686
EasySeed B687 EasySeedCG_B687
EasySeed B688 EasySeedC_B688
EasySeed B690 EasySeedCG_B690
EasySeed B692 EasySeedCG_B692
EasySeed B693 EasySeedC_B693
EasySeed B695 EasySeedCG_B695
EasySeed B696 EasySeedC_B696
EasySeed B697 EasySeedCG_B697
EasySeed B698 EasySeedC_B698
EasySeed B700 EasySeedCG_B700
EasySeed B701 EasySeedC_B701
EasySeed B702 EasySeedCG_B702
EasySeed B703 EasySeedC_B703
EasySeed B707 EasySeedCG_B707
EasySeed B708 EasySeedC_B708
EasySeed B709 EasySeedCG_B709
EasySeed B710 EasySeedC_B710
EasySeed B711 EasySeedCG200_B711
EasySeed B712 EasySeedCG_B712
EasySeed B713 EasySeedC_B713
EasySeed B714 EasySeedCG_B714
EasySeed B715 EasySeedC_B715
EasySeed B716 EasySeedCG200_B716
EasySeed B717 EasySeedCG_B717
EasySeed B718 EasySeedC_B718
EasySeed B719 EasySeedCG200_B719
EasySeed B721 EasySeedCG_B721
EasySeed B722 EasySeedC_B722
EasySeed B723 EasySeedCG_B723
EasySeed B724 EasySeedC_B724
EasySeed B725 EasySeedCG200_B725
EasySeed B727 EasySeedCG_B727
EasySeed B728 EasySeedC_B728
EasySeed B729 EasySeedCG_B729
EasySeed B730 EasySeedC_B730
EasySeed B731 EasySeedCG200_B731
EasySeed B732 EasySeedCG_B732
EasySeed B733 EasySeedC_B733
EasySeed B734 EasySeedCG_B734
EasySeed B735 EasySeedC_B735