Microscope Well Slides

Microscope Well Slides

BioPoint now complements the use of EasyStain™ with supplying BioPoint Premium Microscope Well slides that are designed to be used in conjunction with EasyStain™ for the best recovery outcome for Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

After listening to customer feedback BioPoint released the slides for sale to customers, these 12mm 3 well slides in the preparation of EasyStain™ and used in the EasyStain™ Instructions of Use.

  • No over spill.
  • 12mm well size corresponds to the EasyStain™ Instructions for use.
  • Clean background

As many customers are required to retain the stained slides for a period of time, BioPoint has included an appropriate Dark colored storage slide Box along with a well packaged box containing 25 slides, representing great value for money.